Little Paper Cranes

12:09 AM

While Norah Jones play in the background and the soft purr of the cat is heard on and off, she laid there recounting one memory after another. Whispering to nothing but the empty space that surrounded her, "Do you remember..."

She recalled the banter they shared by the beach that night. The sound of water hitting the sand, white laced beach hid under the dim of the stars. Life began that night, Hannah & Mildred felt it brushing on the hairs of their necks. Nothing spelled true love any better than the feeling they shared for each other at that very moment. This was love, this was life. They were sure more than ever, nothing could be better than this.

Each memory penned on a small white piece of tear and made into little paper cranes which she kept in a large mason jar in the back of her shelf. Who would've thought a year would make so much difference? Who would've seen it coming? Milestone upon milestone, everything seemed surreal still. Was it good? Was it bad? Was she to repeat or repent?

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