Lunch at The Burger Factory

10:49 PM

Venue: The Burger Factory, Ss15 Subang Jaya

So, Ain was over last weekend. Damn it's been ages! I actually caught a bug from Thursday's ice skating and thought I had ruined the weekend before it even began. Fortunately though, I forced myself through the cold ordeal and ended up with the shortest flu I've ever experienced. Alhamdulillah.

Anyways, we initially planned to go to Bake and Serve in Subang but it was closed. Then we found ourselves in Ss15 and finally decided to try out this burger joint. I've seen it from the roundabout a million times, but not once did it appeal to me to be honest. However, when we actually got a better view of it as we turned the bend in front of it, we were totally sold just seeing its cozy concept furnishing from the outside.

We all had burgers and I ordered an additional serving of fish and chips for everyone. Sorry though, I can only remember my own menu. I had the Texas burger a' la carte and an iced earl grey. The burger was good, though I'm not too crazy about the fish and my drink. The fish from the fish and chips had a strong, sweet taste of maple syrup that kinda put me off. Maybe a squeeze of lemon would've helped, but it didn't occur to me at the time. My iced earl grey on the hand, could've used some sweetening. Doubt it had any sugar at all.

The fries were gorgeous and I must admit, all the three burgers we had were really good. And oh, need I mention the place was beautiful, rustic and cozy? The lighting was fabulous, which explains the stunning photos. Too bad my batteries were dying. Sobs.

However, I'd think twice about going back. Firstly, because they didn't get the fish right and fish is my thing. Secondly, the place definitely isn't Halal certified since it serves alcohol. However, we were assured that there weren't any pork nor alcohol used in its cooking. Of course though, why should we settle for that when there are tons of other places, certified, we can get burgers and fries from? 

Taken with my Canon 600D.

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