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9:30 AM

Firstly, I gotta let this be perfectly honest, I'm not too crazy about this piece. So, here's how my work desk turned out. 

The thing is, that huge ass photo frame I worked on previously was supposed to be put up on the left side of the wall. However, that wasn't possible since that part of the wall was almost impenetrable. It's actually part of the original structure of the house and apparently, the walls were made to be crazy solid. So much so, that our drill could barely dig 2cm in. 

I was forced to shift it to the right side instead considering there wasn't anywhere else in the room that I'd wanted it to be hung up. So, like it or not, I gotta live with this. I hate the fact that I can't drill that wall because that only means I can't have anything up there and it probably would have to live looking barren like that till forever (lol).

I bought this little wooden frame from Daiso for RM5 just because it was adorable. Not thinking what I'd do with it at the time. But ain't that noice, Haks? Hehe. I love this photo. 

I didn't wanna put another rug under this desk since it would be too close to the brown one and the place would look cluttered; at the same time I hate having cold tile under my feet while I work, so, I placed this little decorated cushion stool to anchor my feet on instead. It was something we already had so I didn't spend a dime there. Thank goodness. I love how the purple and orange of the stool and the chair is tied in with the throw pillow cover I got for RM12.90 at Kaison there. Still, if only I could help that empty part of the wall with perhaps an inspiration board or something. Indeed, I must figure something out.

Till next time, goodbye people!

Taken with my Canon 600D.

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